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Wellgistics has allowed my pharmacies to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of retail pharmacy. With their unique portfolio of products and next-day shipping, Wellgistics has positioned us favorably amongst the local healthcare providers
- John H. Pharm D


Wellgistics is a Florida-based, pharmaceutical wholesale distributor that supplies generic, brand and specialty drugs to pharmacies in all 50 states. In today’s competitive marketplace, we have learned to think outside the box and are constantly striving to set the standard in wholesale distribution by leveraging technology to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical products make their way into the lives of consumers. We are NABP accredited and place tremendous focus on industry compliance, education and customer service.

While distribution is our core business, our forward thinking ideology, industry-first service model and innovative technology, differentiate us in the marketplace. We cater primarily to independent pharmacies and offer competitive pricing and flexible terms on a niche portfolio of high-quality drugs through exclusive relationships with top manufacturers. As a wholesale distributor we have a unique position in the industry as we are able to bridge the gap between manufacturers who are looking to grow market share for their products and pharmacists who are searching for quality drugs that fill their patient’s needs.

It is in this gap that we live. It is here where we introduce top quality products that are in high market demand, and where we employ state of the art tools and resources that help our clients grow. We understand our market and work hard to discover niche and specialty products that give independent pharmacies an opportunity to thrive.

With Wellgistics on your side, you will be better able to anticipate trends, manage inventory, meet demands and retain customers. Our support, speed and reliability are second to none.